10 Things Your Competitors Can Teach You About 驗血報告香港

The final part of the introduction of the Big Brother 7 housemates reveals the identities of the final three men making up the 1eveals the identities of the final three men making up the 14-strong household.

George ASKEW

Age: 19. From: London. Occupation: Student.

George is a former public schoolboy and the son of a former private secretary to the Prince of Wales. He is a great-grandson of the fourth Earl of Ellesmere (through his paternal grandmother, Lady Susan Askew) and his great-uncle was the sixth Duke of Sutherland. One of his father’s cousins married into the Bowes-Lyon family, Earls of Strathmore and Kinghorne, and so it has been claimed he is linked to the Queen Mother. He is an aspiring photographer, living on an allowance from his father and he wanted to enter Big Brother because it will be something hes achieved on his own. He hopes the experience will broaden his mind and allow him meet people who dont live and hang out in Sloane Square. George loves the socialite clubbing scene, counts Jack and Kelly Osbourne as his drinking partners and his friends include Princess Beatrice of York.


Age: 22. From: Liverpool. Occupation: Model & IT Software Developer.

Mikey is single and is desperate for a girlfriend while in the house. He dislikes ugliness and only enjoys the company of good-looking people. He also hates feminists because they feel women should be equal in every way and they are always dykes. Since returning from university, Mikey has been living at home with his family and admits my mum does all my washing and cooking like a woman should. When asked why he wanted to appear on Big Brother he said: theres never been anyone like me in the house confident, good looking and can hold a conversation. I think I can do better than others that have been on. Such is his vanity he chose a more expensive gym to attend because of the better quality of female members and he also claims to have a fear of transvestites.


Age: 26. From: London. Occupation: Stockbroker / Property Developer / Electronic Commodities Trainer.

Sezer is a Turkish Cypriot who went from being a tea boy in the City to owning a trading company at the age of 19. At 24, he decided to become a property developer and has been known to go out and spend 5,000 on alcohol in one single 香港验血 night. He believes women should stay in the kitchen and men should earn the money. When asked why he wanted to enter the Big Brother house he replied: because my mum loves the show and I have the charisma that other contestants lack. Sezer is also a boxing champion, having last won a British lightweight title in December 2005 and says if he was re-incarnated hed want to be a pair of French knickers so he could be on a woman all the time.

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